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Working Overseas

Depending on where in the world we are talking about, there are generally two totally different problems associated with working overseas; security is probably the most obvious but is closely followed by actually getting anything done, which (especially outside the EU) can be a bit of a nightmare.

Whether it involves your security or that of your employees or family, nowadays there's a whole industry grown up around Overseas Security Advisers in all the government agencies who send staff abroad.

Many private sector employers now recognise that they have a responsibility to properly prepare their people before sending them off, even to relatively safe parts of the world.

Much of that kind of advice wasn't previously available to industry and private individuals.

However, we have that training and practical experience under our belts and can deliver bespoke training for individuals or groups going anywhere overseas or just worried about needing better protection here in the UK.

When it comes to getting things done overseas, things can get very complicated and it is definitely worth giving us an early call!


Investigations are at the heart of what we do, so a little bit more about what kind of investigations we can do for you is probably called for.

REACTIVE INVESTIGATIONS are what most people think of when this subject is raised. A 'wrong' has been done and we need to find out who has done it. Many investigators have only done this one kind of investigation during their careers.

PROACTIVE INVESTIGATIONS are a relatively modern concept. We may be sure that someone is doing something wrong but we don't know what that is. Perhaps they are known to be living beyond their means but we don't know how they're doing that. So, this type of investigation focuses on the person, not the 'wrong' and looks to uncover what it is that they are doing.

We're very experienced with both forms of investigation which are just as relevant in a commercial field or the private sector as they are in law enforcement.

Often in the private sector, these things fall into another hybrid or grey area, where you may know that a crime has been committed or that someone is engaging in criminal conduct, yet you lack the evidence to call in overstretched police support or even take it to the police in some instances.

We can help you in these cases too and deliver an evidence package that no detective could turn down. In the trade, its called giving them the job 'on a plate'!

Take a look at our SKILLS & SERVICES page to get an idea of the things we can do.

......and don't forget, our advice or initial consultation is free.

Financial Investigation

Nowadays it is not unusual to see companies advertising for financial investigators.

Yet our trained financial investigator would tell you that they lose all their weapons as soon as they hand in their warrant cards because the essence of their role is to get court orders under the appropriate legislation to compel bodies to give them specific financial information and they can't do that once they're in private industry.

When it comes to any financial matters, we can use our far wider experience to help out when you need such assistance.

Online/Internet Investigations & Tracings

If anyone in our industry tries to tell you that these online investigations and tracings need more than a Web-savvy investigator, I wouldn't listen to too much more that they had to say.

Our online Investigations are contracted out to a trusted expert who works within the industry and has a successful history of online investigations behind him.

For simple trace-only internet enquiries, we work on a 'no trace - no fee' basis.